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Wendy's love of learning makes her a permanent student of life.  Her inquisitive nature and naturally curious personality have led her to explore  many different energy healing practices such as Matrix Energetics, Biofeedback, Psych-K, Soul-Drawing and other artistic outlets.  She brings a wealth of compassion, laughter and genuine understanding to our workshops

About Jeanni Jones

Jeanni’s love of energy healing across her entire life has led to her current career in the field of counseling and self-development.  She holds a BA (Psych) and an M.Ed. (Counseling Psychology) and has spent many years working in the Addictions Treatment field as well as Forensics.  She is also a Trailblazer and Certified Trainer in Mike Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities – Thoughts Become Things”.

After many years of practicing energy healing on both people and animals, she realized that healing of the body is closely connected to finding balance within and between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.  At the same time, a drowning experience brought her to the realization of how temporary and precious physical life is and she made it her life goal to combine both alternative and conventional therapies in order to help others live their life’s dreams and potential.

She brings a unique combination of skills together in her Infinite Possibilities courses which includes energy healing, numerology, art therapy, Psych-K, counseling, relaxation and meditation techniques, hypnosis, trauma therapy, EFT ,  mindfulness and healing to name a few.

In her spare time, she enjoys photography and gardening as well as dunebuggying.  She believes that our natural essence is enthusiasm and joy and tries to bring in an atmosphere of fun and laughter in all she does.